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Strengthen Team Dynamics

The challenges of leading a disparate and growing team, particularly in the current climate, means that a greater understanding of the different behavioural styles, motivators and fears of others is essential. Passion Inc are practitioners of Thomas International’s DISC psychometric tests and use the DISC framework to support valuable discussion, insight and learning.

Create clarity of purpose and proposition

Having a clear story is essential to building confidence in the business. We work with leaders and influencers to develop an inspiring new story that provides clarity, lands effectively with different audiences and offers something people can belong to and promote.

Unite people behind purpose and strategy

When united by a common purpose, people do amazing things. We help leaders and key influencers answer key questions: ‘Where are we going? Why should I follow? How will we get there? How can I get involved?’

On-board teams with strategic goals and narrative

Fully understanding the systems and connection points of any organisational challenge helps leaders unlock discretionary effort by involving people in a way that they feel they have a viewpoint and contribution that matters.

Embed new ways of working

Our approach leads to awareness, understanding and buy-in to change. Important because real and lasting change isn't achieved overnight. Its success needs more than just cascading information as a ‘tell.’ Change needs time to take hold, and ignite a new way of thinking that your people, at all levels, can believe in, see their part in and get behind it.

Engage people with change

Our goal is to help develop workplaces where everyone feels engaged and wants to play their part. Where everyone has a voice and feels involved. Where leaders unite teams behind organisational goals and success is recognised daily.


Our goal is to help develop workplace cultures where everyone is engaged and wants to play their part. Where people have a voice and feels involved and where leaders unite teams and recognise success.


Whilst many organisations and their employees have made heroic efforts to make remote working a success, it is becoming increasingly evident that where people are based matters far less than who is managing them.

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