Go M.A.D Thinking


‘Better results start with better thinking’ is a belief at the heart of the Go M.A.D.® philosophy.  With an impressive, global history of helping individuals, teams and organisations improve the quality of their thinking to enjoy better performance and results, the Go M.A.D. Thinking team needed help in articulating this through one, simple purpose statement that would resonate at every level.



Passion Inc designed a practical and active workshop for the Go M.A.D. team that helped them unpack the key milestones of their journey to date and focus on their aspirations for the future.  We encouraged them to stand in the shoes of their different audiences and discover how the Go M.A.D. approach had created their light-bulb moments.

Armed with this greater depth of understanding, Passion Inc skilfully enabled the team to articulate their new purpose; turning their passion and belief into a message that everyone felt part of creating and, most importantly, felt that they could own and bring to life through the work that they did.


Go M.A.D. Thinking founder Andy Gilbert commented “The most useful thing from today was getting the team working together, stretching their thinking, taking them forward in time and creating light-bulb moments”.  Team member, Jules, added ”It really tapped into how we were thinking as individuals. It really helped us pull together as a team and share our visions for the future and actually realise we are all on the same page.”

For more information about how we did this and to hear the reactions of Andy and the team, click here to watch this video.

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