When your work is entirely within the virtual, digitalised world – the ability to attract, inspire and retain the most creative and talented people within the industry is critical.  It’s not every day that Passion Inc gets to work a one of the ‘1,000 companies to inspire Britain’;  whose work includes Chernobyl on Sky Atlantic, Netflix original Kiss me First, and Aardman’s Early Man.


Award-winning animation and VFX studio,  Axis Studios operates in the fast-moving entertainment industry.  Conscious that the recent pace of growth and expansion could be challenging, Axis asked us to carry out its first People Survey in 2019.  The survey found that whilst engagement, team spirit and pride was high, as the business was expanding there was a need to connect all people with an inspiring and consistent ‘new story’ to help everyone understand their part in the future.

Galvanising leaders across three geographically distant studios was always going to be a challenge and so Passion Inc designed a creatively active day that enabled the team to work together to surface different viewpoints and discuss key areas that really mattered.  Most importantly, the session provided time to connect, think strategically and create a new story within a trusting, expertly held environment.


The day was a big success.  People really enjoyed “getting together as a group and exploring what the future could be” and discovering that “knowing the ‘why’ will always inspire and motivate.”

COO Paul Mackman said,  “The Passion Inc. team created a confident and compassionate framework to the process of further defining who we are, who we want to be, and where we’re going. Bringing nearly 40 people together in one workshop was no mean feat, with a huge upside in future collaboration across the leadership team. A great day, with some solid foundations laid for the future.”

Passion Inc founder Kirsty Dean said “It’s been our pleasure to work with the creative and talented Axis Studios’ team over the past couple of months.  They are committed to creating the best environment for their teams and know that when times are changing, listening to each other and developing a consistent message and goal will make the difference.”

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