NFU Mutual


NFU Mutual takes its responsibility of offering every customer exceptional service, even in the most challenging circumstances, personally.

The business initiated a number of IT and business process changes to help employees and agents identify the needs of their customers in order to provide the most appropriate levels of care and support.

The opportunity for Passion Inc was to create an engaging internal communications campaign to raise awareness of the changes and processes; instil a consistent approach to supporting customers with appropriate levels of care; and ensuring best practice through all customer-facing touch-points, at all stages of the customer journey.

The campaign needed to recognise the diverse profile of the internal audience – employees and agents – and communicate in a way which resonated with individuals of all ages, creating empathy and building pride across the business.


Working with key stakeholders at NFU Mutual, we created a series of six compelling case studies focusing on real-life customer stories and employee experiences.

Through a series of discovery interviews, we gained a unique understanding of the issues and challenges faced by customers and the many ways in which NFU Mutual employees and agents go above and beyond to provide better outcomes for their customers.

Written in an authentic tone, with clear and realistic suggestions of best practice included in the narrative, the visually engaging case studies brought to life examples of where empowered employees and agents make the best decisions for their customers.


The project sponsor and compliance rep were delighted with the series of assets produced. ‘The case studies were clear and concise in terms of design, and the content pitched at just the right level, with memorable stories that people will remember”  NFU Client

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