Vodafone Global Services


Organisational restructures can be essential in an ever-changing customer landscape. However, their success relies heavily on employee buy-in.

When Vodafone combined several autonomous global divisions into one team, the newly appointed leaders knew how critical it was that everyone involved could see and experience the benefits.

Vodafone understood that true engagement needs a clear purpose, a collective vision for transformation, and a strong sense of individual contribution and ownership at all levels.


Passion Inc helped senior leaders and key influencers to identify key cross-functional business transformation goals, then apply these to existing work-streams at both live, and virtual sessions with the wider leadership team.

This work was supported by a comprehensive communication and engagement framework, eye-catching infographics, transformative leadership presentations, employee social media and an all-inclusive, fully interactive, monthly leadership lead webinar.

The next step was to help the entire senior management community showcase their success stories to stakeholders, other Vodafone operations and of course their own teams to inspire quality customer conversations.


Both the initial transformation goal development sessions and leaders’ commitment to the cascade process established a powerful understanding of the new organisation’s purpose, and the benefits of working together towards a clear, single vision.

Team members, having been part of creating the new story, were keen to push it forward in practice, embracing a new cross-functional approach built on emerging relationships with colleagues they previously had little contact with.

Managers were now in a strong position to drive positive change, bringing a new, compelling story to life through increased value of each team’s contribution to the whole.  Significant improvements were also evident in the employee engagement survey.

Finally, we were able to facilitate Vodafone’s commitment to breaking down the silos and create a simpler, more efficient way of working across a complex global landscape.

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