Jaguar Land Rover


Jaguar Land Rover’s Overseas Region is one of the largest, and most diverse of all, including markets such as Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Russia.

The Managing Directors of each Market enjoy relative autonomy for their local teams and so it is critically important that they engage with overall strategy and direction of the business so that their delivery of narrative and presentations can become more compelling, impactful and authentic.

Passion Inc had already delivered message development and storytelling skills to several high-profile individuals and teams within Jaguar Land Rover and so was invited to attend the Regional Sales meeting in Portugal to deliver a session aimed at galvanising the team and developing advanced leadership communication skills.


When you have great ideas to share, knowing how to bring them to life and engage your audience makes a huge difference.

During the workshop, we helped participants shape their own compelling narrative and develop new skills and techniques to bring their story to life.  We showed them how to use stories in all aspects of work, whether it’s articulating a simple narrative from complex business information, cascading a set of key messages or capturing stories of success and lessons learnt from the across the business.

More specifically, participants learnt how to:
1.  Shape their message so that it really connected with the audience
2. Master memory techniques to speak confidently, without notes or PowerPoint
3. Make their story memorable, generating connection and emotion
4. Keep their audience listening attentively, using powerful voice, body and space techniques


The Overseas Regional team worked successfully together to shape an inspiring future vision and story for their key audiences.  Furthermore, there was a commitment to using these skills to support their own organisations through what was set to be a challenging transformation, which would result in improved engagement, performance and commitment.

Participant feedback on the day was excellent, with participants saying that it had been a “Highly engaging day with really practical techniques and tools”, with “different ideas to maximise messages and delivery” and overall a “strong team building activity day.”

Overall, the HR Director was delighted and commented:

“I have worked with Passion Inc on a number of elements of our leadership development.  Their ability to understand the root cause and work with me to develop a personalised intervention that is innovative and engaging is incredible.  The impact of the tools that they introduced has been enormous particularly around the power of storytelling and how you link your communication to be a values led leader.  The interventions that they developed have enabled an improvement in the depth of our succession status and several of the participants have moved to be successful in broader leadership roles.”

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