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Creating the right solution means knowing where to start

Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked with some of the most exciting, complex and challenging organisations. We recognise that every client opportunity is unique.  And yet, we always start at the same place – getting to the heart of your business challenge and understanding why it makes a difference to the way in which your business is performing.

This proven methodology will help us to understand where you are on your business journey, and what needs to happen next to build momentum and motivation to achieve your business transformation.

Strategic Insight

Regardless of your requirement, we always start with a deeply practical, collaborative approach to understanding your strategic goals and objectives.

Understanding & Discovery

To understand where you are on your engagement journey, our initial discovery process will get to the heart of your business challenges and enable us to suggest the relevant intervention.

Mapping & Planning

Having understood your challenges, your people, your brand and processes we’ll work with you to create the right engagement strategy for your audience and a communication framework that will ensure you’re reaching the right people.

Engagement & People Insight

With over 25 years’ experience, we’ve worked with some of the most exciting and challenging clients. This has led to a real and practical understanding of how to launch successful, sustainable people engagement programmes.

Core Team Approach

We achieve our best results when we are integrated as part of the client team. The ‘Core team’ approach consists of a successful mix of senior leadership, key influencers and our experienced team. 

Intervention Activity

Our experienced facilitators use unique action methods to engage people; evolving real buy-in to solutions and encouraging collaboration across the business.

Common Purpose

 “We need to know what the strategy is!”  Sound familiar?  We’ll help your leaders and key influencers work together to create and deliver an inspiring strategic narrative that will land effectively with different audiences. 

Interlocking Strategy & Culture

If you don’t feel connected to the big picture, chances are your creative brain won’t turn up with you too often. We develop approaches that mean people see their ideas and actions as intrinsically contributing to the success of their organisation. This in turn creates a feeling of purpose, which activates both discretionary effort and more effective working practices.

Collaboration - Breaking Down Silos

Our expertise in developing communities of key influencers extends beyond creating a network of advocates on the ground. From facilitated planning workshops through to online campaigns, we develop collaboration between siloed functions, ensuring great practice is shared, planning is efficient and positive relationships are built and maintained across your organisation.

Leadership Culture & Skills

 We’ll help your leaders step back from day-to-day pressures, reflect on strategy and generate the kind of thought leadership that captures hearts as well as minds. Our interventions all help you answer key leadership questions to shape compelling communication: ‘Where are we going? Why should I follow? How will we get there? How can I get involved?’  When your teams can answer these questions, you know your leadership is clear and strong. 


As humans we are hard-wired to think and feel our way through life using the narratives we unconsciously create. The power of storytelling promotes compelling thought leadership and engages people with strategic initiatives.

Creative Communication

We support you at each stage of your engagement campaign to generate as much responsive interaction as possible and keep conversations two-way.

Strategic Narrative Cascade

In large organisations it’s all too easy for important messaging to get lost in the corporate noise. We’ll work out what everyone needs to know and help you share it in a way they’re likely to listen and feel inspired.

Identity creation

Combining messaging and creative expertise, we create programme identities that are effective in their simplicity, offering people something to belong to and promote whilst building confidence in your ability to deliver the future.

Events where change happens

 We believe that an event should never be just a download, but is an opportunity to start conversations, create momentum and solve problems collaboratively. We start with the outcomes you want, then develop the theme and messaging that runs throughout. We plan any interactive audience activities that supports the message. And finally we make sure the speakers are impactful and their message is relevant. 


We been creating tailored digital environments to support our clients’ engagement needs since 2001. Regardless of whether we’re creating a website, mobile app or SharePoint portal, we always start with the audience. We then make sure the user and administrator experience is simple, and integrates seamlessly with existing systems and databases. Depending on clients needs, we can run and update site content, or simply support with any future technical enhancements. 

Video production

A picture can speak a thousand words, however a video will take your audience on a journey that stirs emotion and brings to life values and desired behaviour. Regardless of budget (within reason), we have the experience to develop a story and creative treatments that will engage with your audience.

Asset creation

From simplifying a complex message or process into a clear and simple infographic to designing eye-catching product vinyls, our brand understanding and approach will bring your messages to life.

Kirsty Dean

Managing Director & Facilitator

Founder of Passion Inc, Kirsty is a trusted professional with 25 years’ experience across multiple industry sectors. She has a proven track record of uniting teams with business transformation to create stronger, more successful cultures. Mother to two girls, Kirsty’s favourite place is admiring the Dovey estuary in North Wales, with a G&T in hand and sunshine on her face.

Mark Farall

Associate Facilitator

Mark is a chartered psychologist, psychotherapist and PhD applied theatre practitioner with thirty years experience in action methods for training, coaching and human development. He is Chair of the Association of Integrative Coach-Therapist Professionals, and as Director of Ignition has worked internationally on many projects. He is a lead facilitator for our leadership, action-based sessions.

Natalie Ratcliffe

Senior Project Manager

Natalie’s positive approach comes with 16 years' experience working in design, marketing and employee engagement. Her dedication to delivering high quality communication makes her a highly valued member of any client team. Natalie has an eight-year-old son, loves everything Spanish and is the proud owner of an olive farm in rural Spain.

Nick Dean

Director - Business Growth

Nick likes nothing better than finding out about new organisations and the opportunities and challenges they face. Having worked in people engagement for over 20 years, Nick understands more than most what it takes to create a healthy, thriving culture. Nick is father of two girls, enjoys power kiting and standing on the terrace watching Leicester Tigers.

Jos Razzell

Chief Facilitator

Jos qualified as a Sociodramatist and highly skilled Action Methods practitioner.

Valerie Monti-Holland

Associate Facilitator

Val started life as an actor and director in Philadelphia. Her passion for theatre led to an MA in Applied Theatre, a diploma in Sociodrama and Action Methods and a career using creative techniques across multiple clients and sectors. Val is now a key member of the Passion Inc team and a lead facilitator for a number of our clients

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