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Brilliant things happen when people are inspired by a purpose they believe in, have engaging leaders and a voice that is valued.

Business leaders across the world now recognise that engaging their people is one of the key engines for growth.


Proactively asking for opinions, suggestions and concerns is a fast and effective way of connecting with people.  A targeted employee survey will drive engagement and focus resources where they’ll make the biggest difference.

Creating Engagement Surveys with Real Impact

Is your engagement survey perceived as a time-consuming tick-box exercise?  How valuable are the insights you gain?  We design and deploy engagement surveys that drive better engagement by targeting the issues that really matter. 

Confidentiality assured

During this time of job insecurity, it’s important to reassure employees that they can give honest and open feedback without fear of retribution.  Conducting a confidential survey through an experienced third party provides that reassurance. 

Mental health & well-being

Change of any kind can impact people’s mental health and well-being.  We help leadership and HR teams simplify core messages, consider audience viewpoints and create integrated support programmes.


Having a simply brilliant story to tell is essential to any engagement campaign. Our approach drives awareness, understanding and buy-in to change.  We’ll help you build confidence in the business and its future.

Storytelling expertise

We use stories in all aspects of our work, whether it’s articulating a simple narrative from complex business information, cascading a set of key messages or capturing stories of success.

Events where change happens

 We believe that an event is an opportunity to start conversations, create momentum and solve problems collaboratively. We start with the outcomes you want, then develop the theme and messaging that runs throughout.  We coach speakers to give memorable presentations with impact and interactive activities to engage audiences at a deeper level.

Video production

A picture can speak a thousand words, however a video will take your audience on a journey that stirs emotion and brings to life values and desired behaviour. Regardless of budget, we have the experience to develop a story and creative treatments that will engage with your audience.


Regardless of whether we’re creating a website, mobile app or SharePoint portal, we always start with the audience. We ensure the user experience is simple, and integrates seamlessly with existing systems and databases.  


Leaders and People Managers are the most influential groups within any organisation in engaging their teams and ultimately creating healthy, sustainable cultures that people want to be part of.

Clarity of Purpose

“We need to know what the strategy is!”  Sound familiar?  We’ll help your leaders and key influencers create and deliver an inspiring strategic narrative that lands effectively with different audiences. 

Psychometric Profiling

Offering an accurate insight into how people behave at work, psychometric profiling improves communication, collaboration and team cohesion by developing a common language and understanding.  

Authentic leadership

We focus on essential leadership behaviours – ensuring what is said is done, and that participants learn how to become more effective leaders of change.

Coaching and Empowering Others

We help leaders and managers define what good looks like; mapping working strengths and support factors to develop more effective coaching cultures.

Kirsty Dean

Managing Director & Facilitator

Founder of Passion Inc, Kirsty is a trusted professional with 25 years’ experience across multiple industry sectors. She has a proven track record of uniting teams with business transformation to create stronger, more successful cultures. A great listener with a strategic mind and a natural ability to engage and influence others.

Nick Dean

Director - Business Growth

A strong and personable networker with a natural curiosity, Nick is passionate about improving customer outcomes through innovative, creative solutions that drive revenue, growth and productivity. He combines 20+ years experience of employee and channel engagement with a specialist skill in digital software development.

Jos Razzell

Coach & Facilitator

Jos has worked as a team and individual coach with corporate executive and leadership teams in a range of sectors, including finance, automotive and telco leaders. She has ILM Leadership Coaching Level 7 Diploma and is also a qualified Sociodrama / Action Methods practitioner.

Mark Farall

Coach & Facilitator

Mark is a chartered psychologist, psychotherapist and PhD applied theatre practitioner with thirty years experience in action methods for training, coaching and human development. He is Chair of the Association of Integrative Coach-Therapist Professionals, has worked internationally on many change projects.

Valerie Monti-Holland

Coach & Facilitator

Val started life as an actor and director in Philadelphia. Her passion for theatre led to an MA in Applied Theatre, a diploma in Sociodrama and Action Methods and now a career using creative techniques across multiple clients and sectors. Val is now a key member of the Passion Inc team and a lead facilitator for all US, South American and Asia Pac clients

Phillipa Bray

Coach & Facilitator

Phillipa gained 20 years’ experience managing expansion projects for large blue chip companies, that ultimately saw her based in New York City, supporting the UK/US Boots merger. Through her specialism in Action Methods and Creative Coaching Techniques, Phillipa ensures true embodiment of the change processes that ensure long lasting transformation.

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